World Whiskies




Although the luxury whisky scene has been mainly dominated by Scotch, there are now many countries producing exceptional whiskies influenced by their own history and culture. The Bourbon industry in the US and the Irish whiskey industry have both seen tremendous growth over the last decade and this trend is set to continue with further investment into the craft spirits industry. The rise in prohibition era cocktails has boosted the whiskey industry and brought many historical drinks back into fashion.


It is perhaps the USA that has the widest selection of whiskey styles available on the market, the two most famous being Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey. Bourbon can be made anywhere in the USA and must contain a mash bill of at least 51% corn, it must be aged in charred new oak casks and straight bourbon must age for at least 2 years. Tennessee Whiskey must meet the requirements for straight bourbon PLUS be made in Tennessee and be charcoal filtered before bottling (Lincoln County Process). Other styles of American Whiskey include Rye which must contain at least 51% Rye in the mash bill, and Single malt whiskey which is becoming more and more popular in the USA. It is made using a similar recipe to Scotch with malted barley as the primary grain.

1792 Full Proof Bourbon $12.00
Amador 10 Barrels $18.00
Angel’s Envy Rye $14.50
Angel’s Envy Jig & Reel Blend $9.00
Angel’s Envy Cask Strength $31.00
Baker’s Bourbon 7yr $10.00
Basil Hayden Bourbon $9.50
Basil Haydens Dark Rye $11.00
Belle Meade Bourbon $10.00
Belle Meade 9yr Single Barrel Bourbon Cask Strength $12.00
Black Maple Hill Rye $18.00
Black Maple Bourbon $18.00
Blanton’s Bourbon $13.00
Booker’s Bourbon 7yr $13.00
Bowman Brothers Virginia Bourbon $7.50
Breakout Rye $6.50
Breuckelen 77 New York Wheat Whiskey $10.00
Broken Bell Bourbon $6.50
Buffalo Trace Bourbon $6.75
Bulleit Bourbon $6.00
Bulleit Rye $6.00
Bulleit Bourbon 10yr $9.00
Calumet Farm 10yr Kentucky Bourbon $14.00
Catoctin Creek Single Barrel Rye $8.00
Charred Oak Bourbon $9.00
Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey $9.50
Corsair Outrage $11.00
Coopers Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon $6.00
Defiant American Single Malt $11.00
Dickel 12yr $6.00
Dickel 17yr $35.00
Dickel Black Label $5.50
Dickel Rye $5.50
Dickel Barrel Select $8.50
Eagle Rare 10yr Bourbon $9.00
E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon $17.00
E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon $10.00
E.H. Taylor Strait Rye $17.00
Elijah Craig 12yr Bourbon $8.00
Elijah Craig 12yr Barrel Proof $16.00
Evan Williams Single Barrel $7.50
Ezra Brooks 12yr Single Barrel Bourbon $9.00
FEW Bourbon $11.00
Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon $9.50
Garrison Brothers Single Barrell $24.00
Gentleman Jack $6.75
George T. Stagg Bourbon $50.00
Hancock Bourbon $13.00
Henry McKenna 10r Single Barrel, Bonded Bourbon $8.00
Hirsch Small Batch Bourbon $9.00
Hudson Baby Bourbon $17.00
Hudson Single Malt $19.00
I.W. Harper Bourbon $8.00
Jack Daniels $6.00
Jack Daniels Single Barrel $10.00
Jack Daniels Barrel Proof, Single Barrel $15.00
Jack Daniels Unaged Rye $7.25
Jack Daniels Rye $6.00
James E. Pepper 1776 Rye $7.50
Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon-Groth Cabernet Cask Finish $15.00
Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 11 $15.00
Jim Beam Bourbon $5.50
Jim Beam Masterpiece Bourbon-Sherry Finished $35.00
Jim Beam Bonded $7.50
Knob Creek Bourbon $8.00
Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon $10.00
Knob Creek Rye $9.50
Larceny Wheated Bourbon $6.25
Lock Stock & Barrel 13yr Rye $22.00
Lock Stock & Barrel 16yr Rye $32.00
Makers Mark 46 Bourbon $8.50
Makers Mark Cask Strength Bourbon $16.00
Makers Mark Bourbon $7.00
Masterson’s 10yr Rye $14.00
Masterson’s 12yr Wheat Whiskey $16.00
New Holland Zeppelin Bend Straight Malt $13.00
New Holland Pitchfork Wheat Whiskey $10.50
Old Forester 1897 Bonded Bourbon $10.00
Parker’s Heritage 8yr Malt Whiskey $32.00
Pearse Lyon’s Virginia Malt Whiskey $8.00
Pine Barren Barley Malt $18.00
Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey $9.00
Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Bourbon $6.50
Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Sweet Wheat $9.00
Rip Van Winkle 10yr Bourbon $30.00
Rip Van Winkle 12yr Bourbon $40.00
Rough Rider Straight Bourbon $7.50
Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon $13.00
Russell’s Reserve 6yr Rye $8.50
Russell’s Reserve 10yr Bourbon $8.00
Slow & Low Rock & Rye $6.50
Stagg Jr. Bourbon $13.00
Stanahan’s Colorado Whiskey $12.00
Stanahan’Black Diamond Single Malt Whiskey $13.00
Taos Lightning 5yr Sraight Rye $12.00
Town Branch Virginia Bourbon $8.00
Town Branch Rye $10.00
Uncle Nearest Tennessee Whiskey $13.00
W.L. Weller Special Reserve 90 $7.00
Old Weller Antique $7.50
Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon $6.00
Wild Turkey Rye $6.00
Whistlepig 10yr Rye $16.50
Whistlepig 12yr Rye $23.00
Whistlepig 15yr Rye $28.00
Whistle Pig Farm Stock $18.00
Willet Rye $18.00
Willet Exploratory Cask Finish Curacao $24.00
Woodford Reserve Bourbon $7.50
Woodford Double Oak Bourbon $11.00
Woodford Master’s Collection Classic Malt $16.00
Woodford Master’s Collection Strait Malt $16.00


When the ban on alcohol was lifted in 1933 American tastes for whisky had shifted. Less was the demand for spicy American Rye, and instead drinkers craved the easy going smoothness and light bodied boot-legged Canadian whisky. Canadian whisky is distilled in Canada and is typically made by blending a high proof grain whiskey with a lower proof corn whisky for sweetness and a rye-grain based whisky for extra flavor. Similarly to Scotch, Canadian whisky must be aged for at least 3 years and be bottled at no less than 40% ABV. There are typically no restrictions on the type of casks that must be used for Canadian whisky unlike Bourbon which must use charred fresh new oak casks.

Canadian Club 100% Rye $6.00
Crown Royal $7.25
Crown Royal Rye $8.25
Forty Creek Confederate Oak $14.00
Forty Creek Evolution $15.00
Pendleton 1910 12yr Rye $9.00
Lot 40 Rye $12.00
Seagrams 7 $5.50
Seagrams V.O. $6.00


History suggests that Ireland may have been distilling ‘usquebaugh’ longer than the Scots with the first recorded mention of whiskey back in 1405. Irish whiskey was once the most popular style of whiskey in the world, however American prohibition and the Irish civil war forced many distillers out of business. This allowed Scotch whisky to dominate and saturate the global market. Times are changing though and the demand for Irish whiskey has increased 200% in the last decade. Irish whiskey must be made in Ireland from a mash of cereals typically containing a mix of malted and un-malted barley. Typically most Irish whiskey is distilled three times and is un-peated, however exceptions do exist such as Connemara peated single malt whiskey. Irish whiskey is known for its exceptional smoothness and easy going nature; it is not hard to see why Jameson’s is one of the bestselling whiskies in the world.

Bushmills $6.00
Bushmills Black $7.50
Bushmills Redbush $7.00
Green Spot $14.00
Yellow Spot $21.00
Jack Ryan 12yr Irish Single Malt $15.00
Jameson $6.50
Jameson Caskmates $7.00
Jameson Special Reserve Black Barrell $7.50
Kinahan’s 10yr $14.00
Kinahan’s Blend $10.00
Knappogue Castle 1951 Vintage 36yr $225.00
Midleton Rare $28.00
Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy $50.00
Power’s Signature $10.00
Power’s John’s Lane $13.50
Red Breast 12yr $13.00
Quiet Man 8yr Single Malt $10.00
Red Breast 21Yr $50.00
Teelings $9.50
Teelings Single Grain $11.50
Teelings Single Malt $13.00
The Sexton Irish Single Malt $8.00
Tullamore Dew $6.50
Tullamore Dew Phoenix $12.00


Penderyn $17.00